PRICE OF GAS. Marketed by Engie, regulated gas prices increased by 1.3% in August.

[UpdatedJuly28[Misàjourle28juillet2020 at 10:07 am] After several months on the decline, regulated gas prices are rising again, by 1.3%, the Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE) said in a recent press release. In detail, this evolution of the price of gas differs depending on the nature of your consumption. Here’s what to expect next month:

  • You use gas for cooking: + 0.3%.
  • You have dual use (cooking and hot water): + 0.7%.
  • You heat yourself with gas: + 1.4%.

“This change results from the application of the tariff formula defined in the decree of June 26, 2020 relating to regulated tariffs for natural gas supplied by ENGIE”, underlines CRE. “As a reminder, a smoothing mechanism for the evolution of regulated prices for the sale of natural gas between July 1, 2020 and February 28, 2021 has been put in place, to limit the rate increases that could occur in the last quarter”.

Without this decision, the average tariff excluding tax would have had to decrease by 5.1%. “Since January 1, 2019, ENGIE’s regulated gas sales tariffs have fallen by 24.5%.“, notes CRE. In fact, the health crisis of the coronavirus caused a fall in natural gas prices in Europe, which could, in time, lead to an increase in prices at the end of the year.

As a reminder, the Energy and Climate Law, adopted in 2019, ratified the programmed disappearance of regulated gas prices. The reason ? They had been deemed contrary to European law by the Council of State. In the facts, Engie has stopped selling new regulated sales tariff (TRV) contracts since November 2019. If you have an Engie contract, don’t panic. he remains valid “until June 30, 2023 for individuals”.

“According to the terms provided for by law, private customers with a regulated tariff gas contract will receive 5 information letters between early 2020 and March 2023”, could one read in the press release from Engie last year. After the 1is July 2023, if you have not changed your contract, it will automatically change at Engie, to switch to one of the so-called “market” offers.

The French will therefore have to turn to an offer where prices will be set freely by the supplier. As a reminder, if you decide to abandon the regulated tariff, it will no longer be possible to go back : you will need to subscribe to an offer at market price. If you decide to change supplier, find out more on the website of the national energy mediator, here, which offers an offer comparator to find the formula that matches your consumption needs.