They spent 13 times more than their opponents … and lost

In these elections money was not a guarantee of victory: Hundreds of candidates for a federal deputation touched the campaign spending cap, imposed by the National Electoral Institute (INE) in one million 648 thousand 189 pesos, but they lost against rivals who spent up to 13 times less.

It is the case of the independent candidate Carlos Alejandro Bautista Tafolla, who was the one who used the most money in the race for a seat in San Lázaro; He tried to win for District 9 of Uruapan del Progreso, in Michoacán, spending 1,647,160 pesos, but he lost against the Morenista Carlos Alberto Manzo Rodriguez, who invested 328 thousand pesos 210 pesos in his campaign and obtained 44 thousand 268 votes against 8 thousand 617 that Bautista Tafolla obtained.

Of the 2,203 candidates to run for a federal deputation, the independent Christopher Arturo Rodríguez Hernández was the second that spent the most money on his campaign, reporting one million 629 thousand 354 pesos, but it was not enough to beat Maria del Rocío Corona Nakamura, of the Morena-PT-PVEM coalition, who barely used 124 thousand 537 pesos, according to the INE inspection report, that is, 13 times less, with which he won the victory for District 9 of Guadalajara, Jalisco, with 43 1,772 votes, against 3,902 for Rodríguez Hernández.

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The coordinator of the PRD benches in the Lower House, Veronica Juarez Piña, promoted an intense campaign in which they even reconverted a reggaeton song by the famous singer Rosalía; in total, the leader of the Aztec sun, who was seeking reelection, spent one million 25 thousand 604 pesos; however, he lost against Laura Imelda Pérez Segura, from Morena-PT-PVEM, who also sought to repeat in office and used 376 thousand 425, obtaining 43 thousand 625 votes in District 16 of Tlaquepaque, Jalisco, against 35 thousand 880 of Juárez Piña.

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In Mexico City, the former Secretary of Health in the Felipe Calderón administration, Solomon Chertorivsky, representative of the Citizen Movement for Miguel Hidalgo, lost against the former first lady Margaret Zavala (PAN-PRI-PRD), despite the fact that it spent one million 194 thousand 241 pesos against the million 59 thousand of the albiazul, who obtained 109 thousand 914 votes against 9 thousand 43 of Chertorivski Woldenberg. It should be noted that the emecist will obtain a seat, but multi-member.

Another case is that of the PRI deputy Cynthia Iliana López Castro (PRI-PAN-PRD), who sought re-election by Cuauhtémoc in the country’s capital, but lost against the legislator icing on the cake Maria de Jesus Rosete Sánchez (Morena-PT-PVEM), despite the fact that the first spent 1,130,557 pesos in its campaign against 358,660 that the second spent; In the voting, Rosete obtained 63 thousand 524 votes, while López Castro was close with 60 thousand 11 votes.

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Those who spent and won

There are those for whom the strategy of the tickets, because the resources they invested in their campaigns will allow them to easily reach San Lázaro.

In the 23rd District of Coyoacán, in Mexico City, the former presidential candidate for Nueva Alianza, Gabriel Quadri, who now competed for a federal deputation for Va por México (PAN-PRI-PRD), spent one million 99 thousand pesos that gave him 101 thousand 82 votes, thus defeating the morenista Pablo Gómez Álvarez, who used 683 thousand 539 pesos in his campaign , thus obtaining 82 thousand 232 votes.

In District 11 of León, Guanajuato, the PAN member Jorge Arturo Espadas Galván, who invested 1,263 pesos in his campaign, won with 65,123 votes to Ricardo Gomez Escalanteof Morena, who was former regional coordinator of the Servants of the Nation; he spent 578,166 pesos and obtained second place, with 29,118 votes.

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The same happened in Metepec, State of Mexico, where the PRI deputy Ana Lilia Herrera Anzaldo the you was measured by you against the petista Óscar González Yáñez, both for reelection.

The first spent 1,141,600 pesos on the campaign and obtained 104,252 votes in their favor, almost twice as many resources as the second, who used 611,987 pesos to promote himself, which was enough to win 69,580 votes. .

It should be noted that the renewal of the Chamber of Deputies, Facing the 65th legislature, it has been one of the most competitive and in which the most resources were used. The number of contenders and resources used even exceeded the 2018 electoral process, when the current Legislature, the 64th, was formed.

At the time 1,678 applicants competed for a federal seat, and together they spent 732 million 201 thousand 108 pesos, while in the elections of last June 6, 2 thousand 203 candidates were measured, who in total spent one thousand 8 million 906 thousand 773 pesos.


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