They show a Mexican store in London and these brands raise their hands

  • A Mexican store in London went viral and has highlighted the value of Mexico and its culture.

  • In the video they show some of the Mexican brands that have a presence in the popular imagination of that country.

  • Some places with a similar theme have already been viralized on social networks and show the importance of cultural exchange.

A mexican store was discovered by some users in Londonand the couple decided to check how Mexican it is.

The space presents some of the most representative brands of our country, likewise, it exposes the need for a solid cultural exchange between the countries of the world and our country.

Mexico also has a cultural diversity that is easy to recognize throughout the world, highlighting for example the festivity of the Day of the Deadwhich has been represented in different parts of the world and even in Disney products such as the Coco movie.

Exchange and cultural presence of Mexico in the world

Mexican culture is one of the most recognizable in the world, either because of the stereotypes associated with it, or because of its presence in different areas.

Certainly, for example, food is one of the most characteristic features of our culture, and therefore it is not surprising that for many countries, Mexico enjoys one of the best cuisines in the world.

Naturally, the syncretism of its history has led it to ensure that practically every state in the Mexican Republic has at least one typical dish from the area.

Such has been the degree of acceptance that, According to a Statista study, Mexican food enjoyed an average acceptance of 80.1 percent among the top 10 positions of the countries consulted.

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As can be seen in the graph, in all United Kingdom, the countries showed an acceptance towards Mexican food of at least 76 percent.

Among them is England, one of the foreign countries, outside the American continent, that possibly have more in mind the name of Mexico.

In a recent video, two diners were shown entering a Mexican-themed establishment in that city. In it, it was also possible to see the presence of some typical Mexican sweets and brands from our country. What are these brands?

They show a Mexican store in London and these brands raise their hands

Through her TikTok account, a young Mexican woman and her presumably British companion entered a Mexican store in European territory, seeking to verify “how Mexican she was.”

Motivated by their enthusiasm, after entering the store, they discovered a large number of Mexican products, such as typical sweets, and some brands such as Barcel from Grupo BimboValentina, La Costeña, and some sweets like Pelón Pelo Rico from the Lorena brand of The Hershey Company.

Likewise, the video shows a large number of Mexican sweets and products such as corn tortilla chips and bread, as well as decorations that allude to the Day of the Dead.

Language barriers are not an impediment for your companion to try to pronounce the Mexican brands present in the place, a fact that undoubtedly delighted some users.

The video has gone viral because it shows the importance of Mexican culture for other countries, as even some TikTok users commented that wherever you go there will always be a presence of Mexico.

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This is reminiscent of the inclusion, for example, of a Mexican taqueria in South Koreawhich takes advantage of these language barriers to achieve a good business strategy and to make visiting Mexicans feel at home.

This is the video shared by the user:

@alineolveral Dudoso #mexico #london #mexicocheck #miguelito ♬ El Mariachi Loco – Mariachi Mexico 70

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