A 35-year-old man was shot dead in the Martín Fierro neighborhood of Cipolletti on the border with Fernández Oro, in the framework of a confrontation between two families. The crime occurred this Sunday morning when the victim was moving in a car with her partner and two small children. They were shot several times and fell into an irrigation canal. Although they were all able to leave in good health, the man went to find the perpetrators of the attack and they killed him.

The head of the 26th Police Station of Fernández Oro, Luis Hawrylak, explained in dialogue with LM Cipolletti that around 00.50 they learned of an altercation in the sector and that, upon reaching the place, they found a man lying in the middle of the street. Once the Public Health personnel arrived, it was found that he was dead.

According to the information collected so far, it all began when the fatal victim was mobilized aboard his car with his partner and their two small children for the neighborhood Martin Fierro. Under these circumstances, unknown persons began to shoot at them, causing him to lose control of the vehicle and fall with his family into the main irrigation canal.

Martin Fierro neighborhood homicide

Crime in the Martín Fierro neighborhood: a 29-year-old young man was shot dead

“The neighbors broke the virios and helped them get out of the roll. At that moment, the driver went to the place where the attackers were. Minutes later, his partner arrived and found him lying on the ground with gunshot wounds. in different parts of the body. The subjects, meanwhile, managed to flee “, detailed the commissioner.

Family members of the victim approached the scene, pointing out the alleged perpetrators of the crime.

According to what was known, the incident occurred within the framework of a long-standing confrontation between two families. “Over time, differences have emerged on several occasions and cases of firearm injuries, threats, fires, abuse of weapons, among others, have been investigated,” he added.

For his part, Hawrylak remarked that they worked together with different units of the city of Cipolletti, as well as with the COER group and personnel from the Public Prosecutor’s Office, which began the corresponding judicial proceedings.

An area with almost no police presence

Finally, when asked about the police presence in the Martín Fierro neighborhood, the commissioner remarked that it is small, since they do not have many police officers.

“At the beginning of the year, a project was presented to open a Sub-Police Station in the sector with the aim of having more police personnel, which would span from Puente 83 to Calle Iguazú, with the hope that it could be implemented immediately “, he detailed.

26th Police Station of Fernández Oro

Crime in the Martín Fierro neighborhood: a 29-year-old young man was shot dead

Crime in the Martín Fierro neighborhood: a 29-year-old young man was shot dead

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