They rob the expilot 'Kuru' Villacieros at his home and at gunpoint

They rob the expilot 'Kuru' Villacieros at his home and at gunpoint

Sport The expilot Kuru Villacieros suffers a terrible assault at his home.

The pilot and businessman Juan Ignacio “Kuru” Villacieros He has experienced one of the worst episodes of his life. This Tuesday, around nine o’clock at night, three individuals robbed him when he was alone in his house. While they were yelling at himwhere is the safe“, they attacked him with tasers and inflicted such blows that he may have lost sight in one eye.

At 73 years old, Villacieros He has lived through a terrible episode. He himself has recounted, just two days later and already from home something that, without a doubt, could have ended worse. “Kuru”, when he was about to have dinner and after opening the door for his dog to go out into the street, he found three hooded men who asked him for access to her safe.

Villacieros He was alone at home and received all kinds of blows and electric shocks with a taser, something that he remembers as a real nightmare, according to what he has said. in an interview in Telemadrid. “Which one” He even told them to take the “200 or 300 euros” that he had in his pocket, but the situation got worse.

As if it were a horror movie, Villacieroswho owns a pizzeria and a concessionaire in Las Matas (Madrid), recounts that the robbers threatened to kill his wife when she arrived and also recounts that they put him in the bathtub, where they put a gun to his head , assuring him that they would throw him tied to the pool.

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Faced with this situation, “Kuru” had no choice but to tell them where they could find more money and valuables, including a collection of watches. According to the information what publishes “ABC”, the robbers too they took between 15,000 and 20,000 euros and his car, which was later found by the Civil Guard.

After the robbers fled, Kuru immediately called 112, and after the ambulance attended, he was transferred to the Puerta de Hierro Hospital in Majadahonda, with injuries to his head, thorax, abdomen and one eye, from which he had need to be operated on urgently, and there is a risk of losing vision.

Despite everything, Kuru has already been able to return home, where he is already recovering from injuries and this huge scare.

Sport Kuru Villacieros, a great pilot

Villacieros He has been one of the great talents of our country. Born in 1949, he began racing in the 1970s, when motorsports grew exponentially in Spain, coinciding with the opening of circuits such as Jarama and the support of such important brands as SEAT, Renault or Repsol.

“Kuru” won the R8 TS title in 1972 and Formula 1430 in 1973, before heading off to compete in Europe with the National Formula 3 Team, where for several years he gave it his all, despite not having the right tools. He left the team and threw in the towel, retiring from the competition, since the Federation also decided to sign Fermín Vélez and Jorge Catón for his team.

In the 1980s, he returned to racing as part of Formula Fiesta and later joined the incredible grid of the Spanish Touring Car Championshipwhere he was proclaimed champion in 1992.

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