They reveal Margarita Ceceña’s chat days before being burned alive in Morelos

MORELOS.- Days before Margarita Cecena Martinez 30 years old outside attacked with gasoline in the municipality of Cuautla, she tried to file a criminal complaint against her aggressors, but the authorities of the Oriente de Morelos Regional Prosecutor’s Office ignored her.

In ato conversation via Facebook with a woman, she assured him that she went to the Public Ministry (MP) but they refused to serve her during the month of May in the Eastern Regional Prosecutor’s Office based in the same municipality.

Where are you right now? they asked him.

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“With my cousin Concha. We went to court. But nooo. It was in vain,” he replied.

Why did Margarita go to live in Cuautla?

Margarita was originally from the municipality of Ecatepec, State of Mexico and last year, her cousin offered her his house so that she could live in it, since he went to the United States as a “wet” and she had ended up with the father of her three children. in the Mexican entity.

The only drawback is that his cousin’s relatives had taken over the house. They even rented it out and were making a profit.

When Margarita came to live there in the town Ex Hacienda El hospital, immediately received threats for him to get out.

She started a business to pay for her children’s expenses and this would have annoyed her cousin’s relatives even more, who wanted to keep the house at all costs.

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Relatives gathered to intimidate her

Then on July 1, they all came together to try to intimidate her.

One of them, Primitivo, had the idea of ​​spraying gasoline on it and setting it on fire, which caused his death.

She was first admitted to the general hospital in Cuautla where she received care, but was later taken to a specialized clinic in Mexico City.

She underwent several surgeries, but more than 70 percent of her body was burned, so she did not survive and died on Sunday night.

Family of Margarita Ceceña fears that there will be impunity

Then his relatives asked the Morelos authorities that the crime not go unpunished.

And it is that currently, his death is in the files of the Eastern Regional Prosecutor’s Office as an attempted murder and not a femicide.

So Margarita’s parents fear that the case will go unpunished like others that have happened in Mexico.

However, the office manager of the Morelos Women’s Institute, Claudia Areli Rivera, pointed out that an investigation has already been opened to find out what went wrong in the case and what authorities could have omitted to prevent this murder.

“It is important that it is known, whoever had the responsibility and has made an omission, this Institute is going to watch that it reaches the last consequences. The first thing we want is to talk with the relatives of the victims to draw up an investigation route”, commented the official.

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This same Tuesday, in the municipality of Ecatepec, friends and family said goodbye to Margarita, where the clamor is for justice to be done.

“They have not told me anything, not even the attorney from the Public Ministry has contacted me to explain what is happening, she has my phone number and has not told me anything,” said Andrea Martínez, Margarita’s mother.

She stressed that for her there are seven people involved and that they should all be punished for the damage they caused to her daughter, but also to her grandchildren.

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