They restore 17 archaeological pieces to Mexico from the Netherlands

Hubert De Boer and Liesebeth Mellis are two citizens of Netherlands who, after visiting the “Aztecas” exhibition in that country, decided to restore the Embassy of Mexico 17 pieces archaeological they had in their possession for three decades.

In a press release, the Embassy of Mexico on Netherlands highlighted that Hubert De Boer and Liesebeth Mellis returned the 17 pieces archaeological voluntarily, since the “Aztecs” exhibition made them “dimension the richness of the cultural heritage” of this country.

17 pieces archaeological

  • Two are Mexican style (1200-1521 AD)
  • Another more Mixtec from Oaxaca (900-1521 AD)
  • 13 of them are Huastec style (900-1521 AD)
  • One is from the Mesoamerican Classic period (400-750 AD)

The pieces, analyzed by the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) to determine their origin, were made using the technique of modeling, smoothing, incision and pastillage application; the Embassy of Mexico on Netherlands he appreciated the decision of the Dutch.

Hubert De Boer and Liesebeth Mellis at the Embassy of Mexico on Netherlandsreturning 17 pieces archaeological. Photo: @EmbaMexNL.

The exhibition “Aztecs” is currently exhibited at the Museum of Ethnography in Leiden, to the west of that European nation; The pieces archaeological will be repatriated shortly to Mexico so that they remain under the protection of INAH, reported the diplomatic representation.

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