They rescued 12 people who were reduced to servitude in a fifth of La Plata – Télam

After the police intervention, the people were rescued and are now back in the city of Goya. Photo Twitter

A group of 12 people, originally from the province of Corrientes, was rescued in a farm located at 468 between Route 36 and Route 2, in the La Plata district, and the Justice investigates whether they were reduced to servitude to perform slave labor, official sources revealed.

The people, coming from the city of Goya, Corrientes, according to the complaint they made, were trapped doing forced labor in a field, and after police intervention, they were released.

The situation was revealed after receiving an emergency call to 911, so the police forces immediately came to rescue the 12 people, who according to the complaint had arrived in La Plata contacted by a Goya citizen and with promises of job offers.

The people arrived in La Plata in two groups of 7 and 5 workers, and in the Retiro neighborhood, in the city of Buenos Aires, a person was waiting for them who took them in a van to the fifth where, upon arrival, their documents were taken from them. personal, in addition to cell phones and made them work more than 10 hours a day in a horticultural plantation.

After the police intervention, the people were rescued and are already back in the city of Goya, the sources indicated.



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