They reject threats to the staff of the San Juan Bautista Hospital

August 9, 2022 – 5:58 p.m

the provincial deputy, Natalie Herrera (UCR) has repudiated the memorandum issued by the authorities of the Saint John the Baptist Hospital, which prevents access to people who are not part of the institution. The authorities’ measures were taken after images of the poor conditions in which some of the hospital facilities are found went viral. The memorandum warns employees who allow the access of staff from outside the hospital that summary actions will be instituted.

“Banning, threats, restrictions are the responses of the San Juan Bautista Hospital authorities to the distribution of images of the condition of the institution. Far from responding to requests for reports or the management of improvements for the hospital, it has been chosen to suppress employees who allow access to people outside the institution”, questioned the legislator of the institution. opposition.

Later, admitting that she was one of those who most denounced the situation in the hospital, she said: “I would like to remind the directors of the hospital that as a representative of the people, as ‘ a legislator, has the obligation. and the power to legislate, control, represent and monitor the acts of government and that public policies are observed.”

In this context, he wondered “what will be the measures that will be taken against patients who denounce the poor conditions of the hospital. Are you going to deny them medical care?

“I am sorry that this unhelpful and unproductive attitude is being taken,” he said, adding: “It would be appropriate for those in charge of the hospital to remember that I am heading for a fight that benefits everyone, primarily you if those are responsible for an institution falling apart.

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Finally, she stated that the opposition will continue “in this struggle until the hospital becomes a priority for this government” and that she will especially “request an audience with the Director of the Hospital so that we can tour the facilities together and jointly at a solution.”



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