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Surgeons from the High Specialty Medical Unit (UMAE) Hospital of Traumatology and Orthopedics No. 21, of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) in Nuevo León, helped a 1 year 8 month old boy did not lose his thumb.

After Arthur, the minor who suffered the accidenthis finger got entangled in a curtain that was trapped by a metal fan and finally ripped it out, his parents took him to the emergency room of the UMAE No. 21 of the Social Security where he was They successfully reimplanted the limb.

The minor had to undergo a six-hour surgery in which the team led by Dr. Miguel de la Parra Márquez had to join arteries, veins, tendonsbone and nerves with millimetric sutures, which involved a highly complex surgical process.

“In the first place, the finger was ripped out along with a tendon, causing greater difficulty when uniting the damaged structures, compared to the work of surgeries by fine knife or guillotine cuts,” explained De la Parra.

Minor surgery in Nuevo León

In the case of Arturo, the operation was difficult since being so small your arteries and veins are smaller, which implies a more complex process to repair them. In Arturo’s surgery, flexion and extension tendons, as well as bone, were joined.

By having the detached member in a cooler wrapped in wet gauze, between water and ice, this It only has a maximum preservation time of 24 hours.n, so the minor’s operation was against the clock.

The surgery used a procedure, called supramicrosurgeryin which a microscope at maximum magnification is used to make the ultrafine sutures with a transparent thread, and so thin that it practically floats in the air.

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“Almost two months after the surgery, UMAE No. 21 offers rehabilitation therapies to the minor, who will later be able to perform them at home and will continue to be monitored by the Plastic Surgery specialty, to achieve the highest quality of care for the patient. possible life, as one more success story that is written in the IMSS Nuevo León”, mentions the IMSS statement.



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