They protest for lack of medicines – El Sol de Tijuana

Cancer patients and relatives will demonstrate again this Monday due to the lack or intermittence of medicines and supplies for cancer treatment, mainly of patients treated through the National Institute of Health for Well-being (Insabi) system.

In a call made by patients, dozens of civil associations and activists joined to face the situation that has dozens of adults and infants in uncertainty as to whether the medicine they require will reach the region or not.

The concentration of drug purchases at the national level has caused the crisis in which it is necessary for patients every week to ask doctors, managers and representatives of the Baja California Ministry of Health through a WhatsApp chat if their treatment you can continue.

This is due to the intermittence that exists nationwide due to the supply of specialty drugs or third level of care.

The call, however, was made for society in general with the following text:


“To the national and international media, civil society and people of good will. Patients and families will meet tomorrow (Monday) to demonstrate for the lack of cancer treatments at the Diana Cazadora roundabout, in the Río area, 10:00 am, Paseo Centenario, Zona Urbana Río, Tijuana, BC ” .

Although brief, the statement attracted the solidarity of a large population through social networks, recalling that this year is not the first time that patients, despite their condition, have to go out and protest.