They propose an offer to César “the Abuser” to plead guilty

Although the discovery of evidence has not been completed, the Federal Prosecutor’s Office made an offer to the alleged drug trafficker Cesar Emilio Peralta, “the Abuser”to plead guilty to the charges against him.

The information was offered by prosecutor Max J. Pérez Bouret in a virtual hearing before Judge Pedro Delgado this Thursday. “We have issued an offer for him to plead guilty. And that offer, given the magnitude of this case, is the offer that (US Attorney General) Stephen Muldrow has authorized in this case.” Perez Bouret said.

The data, which was published by the Puerto Rican newspaper El Nuevo Día, indicates that the prosecutor explained that the first package of evidence delivered to Peralta’s defense consisted of recordings and reports produced mostly by the United States Drug Enforcement Agency ( DEA).

The second package will consist of evidence from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

However, the prosecutor requested at least 20 more days to deliver it, since they are in the process of extracting data that could compromise investigation methods.

Meanwhile, by May 27, he hopes to have completed the negotiations with the federal prosecutor’s office in Florida “to ensure that the provisions in the two cases, in Puerto Rico and Miami, are addressed here in Puerto Rico.”

For his part, Peralta’s defense attorney, Joaquin Perez, did not speak at the public hearing about the offer. It was not known if she did so in the private conversation that he asked the judge and that lasted several minutes.

At the end of 2021, the Dominican journalist Carol PérezResident in Colombia conducted an interview with the drug trafficker Cesar Emilio Peralta aka Cesar the Abuserin which he revealed that he had received the protection of the then president Daniel Medina.

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“He was always very discreetalways spoke to me between words, in fact I said it last year, the person who protected to him always, and to whom he gave money to finance your campaign went to former president Danilo Medina. Everyone knew that, it’s an open secret, but everyone was waiting for me to say it because I’m the one on the outside,” said the communicator when interviewed by Julissa Céspedes for CDN.

When questioned about whether Caesar the Abusertold him verbatim that he had given money to the former President Medina, Carol Pérez replied: “in those words literally notbut all the hints he gave me in that conversation we had for an hour and a half is that who sheltered was the person of more power in the country”.

“That the one who protected him during all that time and the one who financed his campaign to be president and protected him later was the person with the most power,” he added.

The journalist said that when “The abuser”talked with her, made it very clear that the former Danilo Medinto, there was toacquired the commitment to protect it by money donations you made to your campaign.

He said that the links of the then president Daniel Medina con Caesar the Abuser Everyone knew it, but no one dared to say it out of fear, which is why she didn’t say it at the time either.

“After the former president left the presidency, I dared to say it because I am not going to deny that I I was afraid”, he stated.



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