They pose free from the Riviera Maya

The collaborations in three models of social networks occur continuously, Celia Lora and Karely Ruiz forces by promoting his recent visit to the Riviera maya for a few weeks now, but each time we share a new test image for what the content really is.

On this occasion we will address a piece of entertainment that was very well received by the world of the Internet, more than 244,000 “likes” in a few hours, images in which we could see how the two celebrities were wearing their most beautiful beach outfits, one yellow and the other white, both made of different materials and both free with their hair being affected by the wind.

The contents It was very well received and in the comments we could also see how his fans expressed themselves completely, not even one of their thoughts was saved and they dedicated themselves to transforming it into compliments, compliments and declarations of my love that sooner or later arrive in this section.

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In the photo We were able to observe that both of them were using the same pose, ready for Internet users to appreciate their most hidden tattoos, their pretty face and that conquering attitude that is a key part of what they love their work.

And even though there are many netizens who disagree, the two Influencers monetize and successfully do this activity, they are currently considered in the top three of content creators, being the best paid in their country, they are where they are for a reason.

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Celia Lora / Instagram

Celia Lora shares a beautiful photograph collaborating with Karely Ruiz.

Celia Lora is considered one of the Mexicans who earns the most money in this industry, she has collaborated with the rabbit magazine on several occasions and is currently about to launch a cover with them for their version in the United States, the first in Mexico to achieve it.

Both will continue to strive and accumulate achievements, working with important companies, giving everything of themselves and always surpassing themselves, there is no doubt that this activity is one of those that could best accommodate them in the form of work.

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