They pay 2,200 dollars to take care of penguins – The reliable data

-The British NGO Antarctic Heritage Fund launched an extravagant job offer open to people from all over the world. It is a job search to fill the position of penguin accountant in Antarctica for a salary of more than 2,000 dollars per month.

-Specifically, the job consists of counting gentoo penguins in Port Lockroy, one of the UK bases in Antarctica. Each of the employees will receive a salary of US$2,200 per month in exchange for their work.

-Knowing English, having basic knowledge of mathematics and being resilient to withstand low temperatures, between -40° and -70°, are the necessary requirements to apply for the proposal. The channels of contact with the organization are found at:

-The British NGO that launched this job offer works in Antarctica with the aim of “conserving artifacts and historic buildings, to help current and future generations discover, understand, value and protect this precious wild nature.”

-At Port Lockroy, Base A, we receive visitors throughout the austral summer to explore the Museum, visit the southernmost post office, observe the penguin colony and share the wonders of the white continent”, they explained from the organization UK Antartic Heritage Trust.

-In addition to the juicy and extravagant job offer, the NGO also promotes the adoption of gentoo penguins with the aim of raising money to take care of their care and conservation, monitoring the colony and preserving the site.

The adoption costs 80 pounds sterling, around 12 thousand Argentine pesos, and includes the following benefits:

Postcard of a gentoo penguin sent from Antarctica

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gentoo penguin plush

Welcome pack and information brochure

adoption certificate

Gentoo Penguin Updates from Port Lockroy

-“With your help we can protect areas of the island from human interaction and continue to study the reproductive success of the Papuans every year”, they expressed from the NGO. “As a charity, we rely on donations and every gift, adoption and membership helps support our activity both in Antarctica and around the world,” they noted.



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