They organize a massive bath in the Paseo Santa Lucía in Monterrey

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Faced with the water crisis that worsened this week due to a macro leak at the El Cuchillo dam, residents of Nuevo León signed up for a “Massive Bathroom” in the bed of Paseo Santa Lucía, in Monterrey.

The royals are very given to the organization and to be creative, that is why due to the lack of water supply in the entity, a Facebook user chose to create an event in which he invites the population to bathe in this public space.

“Cowboy bath” is the only thing that appears in the description of it, however, in comments, he promptly added an indication for all attendees, “Bring your towel.”

This is how you find the event on Facebook.

So far there are more than 4 thousand people interested in the proposal and others have even commented on their desire to undertake.

“I will be selling little bottles of shampoo and bits of soap if you like, I will be at the entrance of Santa Lucia by Félix U. Gómez,” read the comments.

The date is the Tuesday, June 21, at 7:00 in the morning, although it is not specified at what point the meeting would be, which for some goes beyond meeting a need.

“I imagine that more than bathing it is an act of protest,” they say.

This has been commented by the royals in the event.
This has been commented by the royals in the event.



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