They operated on Fede Bal in Brazil: how is his health and what will happen to the rest of the world

Advance of Fede Bal’s accident in Brazil (Video: “Rest of the World”, El Trece)

“Is my son going to lose his arm?” Or the hand? Because he can’t move her anymore.

Carmen Barbieri He cleared all his doubts before the team of doctors who treated his son Faith Bal in Brazil after having suffered an open fracture in his arm and multiple injuries after an accident while recording a special program of Rest of the worldcycle in which he debuted as a driver this new season.

The capocómica was in Buenos Aires and immediately traveled to Rio de Janeiro, where the actor was transferred by ambulance. There they did studies and analyzed the panorama: finally, they determined that this Friday he be operated on to “rebuild” his arm, according to him in the interviews he gave from the hospital, where he is also accompanied by his girlfriend , Sofia Aldreywho flew as soon as he heard the news.

“You will not lose anything”, the doctors explained to Carmen, bringing her peace of mind about her son’s health. There they all communicate through a translator, since the professionals do not speak Spanish and Carmen, her son, her daughter-in-law and the team of producers of Rest of the worldThey don’t understand Portuguese either. At least not enough to talk about this process in detail.

Fede Bal, since his hospitalization in Brazil (Instagram)

Before starting the reconstruction, the doctor had to “clean” the area to be able to place the nails, according to Barbieri. He did so in reference to the fact that when they saw the wound they found that there were still traces of grass and mud from the moment of the accident: the motor of a paraglider fell on his arm. “If it is not clean on Friday, you have to operate again”, the actress had said. However, in principle, Fede should not go back into the operating room since the doctor was able to work with peace of mind.

as far as he could tell teleshowthe operation this Friday first thing in the morning was successful and the actor is resting, accompanied by his loved ones. “Miracles are only the consequences of daring to believe”, his mother wrote on her Instagram account when the intervention ended. And she added: “Thanks God”.

However, how is everything from now on? As in every operation, the first 48 hours are key in the patient’s recovery. Then, the doctors will determine when the driver could be discharged to begin his recovery, which – although it is not yet confirmed – is likely to be done in Buenos Aires, once he can travel: he will have to undergo a kinesiology treatment to strengthen arm.

Another of the photos published by Fede Bal during his hospitalization days in Brazil
Another of the photos published by Fede Bal during his hospitalization days in Brazil

Meanwhile, this Saturday (morning) at midnight the program will air with the images that were recorded at the time of the accident that was recorded. In addition, it will be seen how the following days were with the arrival of his mother and his girlfriend to accompany him.

On the other hand, next Saturday (July 7), there will be a special broadcast in which Carmen Barbieri will be the guest driver, at the request of her own son, who could not go out to tour the streets or the main tourist attractions of Rio de Janeiro. That task was in charge of the capocómica who did not hesitate to accept and leave al toroas it is popularly known in the artistic environment when one person replaces another on the hour.

What will happen next Saturday? As she could tell teleshowthe production has pictures of grill, what is known as material that was recorded on other occasions and that has not yet been aired. Always with Fede driving. And programs with these images will be edited until the animator is able to travel again to meet new destinations. It is too early to talk about dates, since Bal did not even return to the country and did not begin his recovery either, but it is confirmed that in the meantime the cycle will continue to air on the screen of El Trece.

Carmen Barbieri will conduct a special Rest of the World broadcast on Saturday, July 7 (Instagram)
Carmen Barbieri will conduct a special Rest of the World broadcast on Saturday, July 7 (Instagram)


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