“They opened the cage for us” THEY ARRIVED in the United States escaped from Team Cuba of karate – SwingCompleto

Of the nine Cuban athletes who traveled with coach Eliecer Llamos, we report that four of them decided to break their ties with INDER and separate from the delegation.

Karate fighters Sunilda Ventosa, Yaidel Hernández, Darián Díaz and Gerardo Almenares, after a month-long journey across borders, managed to reach North American territory.

Diaz from Cienfuegos and Almenares from Santiago celebrated together their arrival in Houston (Texas), they even joked with a funny video, of the moment when they left Cuba at the airport with the rest of the team accompanied by the text “They opened the cage for us”. On the other hand, the arrival in the United States of Yaidel and Sunilda has not yet been confirmed, but we do know that they are well.

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