They make official the punishment of Santiago Solari for his expulsion in Puebla


The Indiecito already knows how long he will be without being able to occupy the azulcrema bench.

Santiago Solari already knows how many punishment games he has.
© Image 7Santiago Solari already knows how many punishment games he has.

America has already left the match against Puebla and focuses on a week that will be an incentive in Coapa because this weekend they will not play on the second day of the tournament Closing 2022 because your match against Mazatlan It was rescheduled several weeks ago and will be played until the middle of February.

Meanwhile in Coapa They received a piece of news that has to do with Santiago Solari. It should be remembered that the Indiecito was expelled in the previous game for entering the field and angrily claiming the whistler Oscar Mejia after an entry of Roger Martinez, a player who had previously received an elbow that was not penalized with a card and therefore the coach’s annoyance.

The official statement by the Disciplinary Commission confirmed the punishment for Solar. It has been known that the sanction will be only one game and not six as it was managed days ago. With this, the technician will lose the next commitment, which will be against Atlas next January 22.

Having said that, Santiago will be able to retake the reins of the team in a MX League match until the fourth day, this when the Millonets receive Athletic of San Luis on the court of Aztec stadium next February 5, date on which, incidentally, they will have to have their full roster already since the international pass book closes two days before.

Thus, the punishment was minimal for a Santiago Solari that showed a facet that we had not seen before in Mexican soccer and in which it exploded due to arbitration criteria. Until today, the strategist has not shared a personal position publicly on this issue.


Another Americanist who received sanction was Roger Martinez. The Colombian striker was sent off against Puebla after receiving two reprimands, for which he was awarded a punishment game, which is why he will not be present when the azulcremas receive Atlas on date 3.



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