Colon, Honduras.

Police officers found a plantation of approximately one hectare of supposed coca bush in the sector known as Montaña Las Flores, belonging to the Queseras village.

According to the report of an agronomist, the approximate 7,000 plants of supposed coca measure two meters. After the discovery, agents proceeded to take a sample to send it to the forensic toxicology of the Public Ministry.

The operation was carried out by agents of the National Anti-Drug Police Directorate, National Directorate of Special Forces, students of the Anti-Drug Tactical Operations Course, in coordination with the Trujillo regional prosecutor’s office.

Destroyed coca plants

Yesterday, Saturday, the authorities also culminated with the eradication of a coca leaf crop and the destruction of a drug laboratory. The police action was carried out in the municipality of Iriona, where a total of 8,800 coca plants were eradicated.

Similarly, a nacolaboratory that was used for the extraction of cocaine sulfate was destroyed and incinerated. According to the police report, the drug was identified and secured on September 5.

During the process, the officials waited for an order issued by the national territorial jurisdiction judge in order to destroy and end the police operation. The officials detained five people who were in the middle of cutting the leaf, among them a suspect is considered to be hiring the personnel who work in said plantation.


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