They left her out! The sensitive indication that Rocío Marengo and Eduardo Fort separated – Paparazzi Magazine

Ever since that desperate release of Dew Marengo on the track The ShowMatch Academy that things got “weird” with Eduardo Fort and his family. Her media demanded her boyfriend to bank her, to go see her, to play for her. “Heavy Balls”she told her boyfriend in the prime time… How to forget it?

With that impulsive gesture, Marengo She turned a good part of the Fort clan against her, including her boyfriend’s daughters, who saw with terrible eyes that exposure of their father, who always defended a low profile.

The issue was left behind and the couple continued to stand, but in recent days rumors began that the relationship had come to an end. Along with Rocío’s statements, immersed in the search for her baby, that she wants to have him alone, the speculations grew.

“I talked to her, of course. I asked if what they told me is true. She first kept silent, then she did not deny it to me, that she is already saying something, and in the end she replied that if I said it, she would go out and deny it to me elsewhere “said Karina Iavicoliin show partners.

“From the information that they approached me and that I handle, I am in a position to affirm that Rocío Marengo is separated from Eduardo Fort. She left him, tired of rowing her alone”threw the panelist, convinced of the veracity of her irreproachable source.

And now, a new clue is added: Rocío was not present at the birthday of Macarenathe eldest daughter of Eduardo. That’s how she let him see the video she posted Marta Fort in their stories, where the young woman is seen, accompanied by her father, without a trace of the blonde.

“I will not bind any man to accompany me in this dream of mine. I want to be happy without bothering anyone. My desire is to be a mother and perhaps it is not to tie myself to a man so that he is the father of my child ”, was what Rocío said, emphatically, when announcing that she is going to be a mother on her own. Strong!

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