They launch Chinese copy of the Hummer for a price out of the ordinary

Since 2002, China has had its own version of the Hummer. However, its use was exclusively for the military and, originally, they bought the parts from General Motors to assemble it in their country, so technically it was still a conventional Hummer.

However, the Dongfeng company studied the American model and decided to create their own model with “a lot of inspiration” in the Hummer SUV. Christened the Dongfeng M50, this Chinese Hummer is approved for use by ordinary people.

According to Dongfeng, the M50 is strongly inspired by the Hummer, but it is not a copy as elements of the body, suspension and equipment change. It is capable of reaching 120 km / h, overcoming obstacles 40 centimeters high and diving 1.3 meters into the water without affecting the engine.

“This car is so resistant that it can function properly up to 4,500 meters above sea level and at temperatures of minus 41 degrees Celsius,” its manufacturer told local media.

In the images released by Dongfeng we notice a clear copy of the Hummer, especially on the side and rear of the unit. The front changes slightly in terms of the grill, but the proportions remain very similar to the American vehicle.

The equipment is not detailed, but we can see a screen for the infotainment system, analog gauges and a manual transmission for the power train. Among other things, it seems that it uses resistant materials, as well as synthetic leather seats and polished metals.

Dongfeng says the M50 can be used in rescue operations or special forces thanks to its off-road capabilities. The Chinese manufacturer mentioned during its presentation that the base model starts at 100,000 dollars, something equivalent to 2 million pesos at the current exchange rate.

For $ 97,000, Porsche offers the base 911. They are completely different vehicles, but this gives us an idea of ​​the price that Dongfeng has put for its M50, the Chinese copy of the Hummer.


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