Kevin Uriel, an 18-year-old, was murdered in the Santa Isabel Tola neighborhood, perimeter of Gustavo A. Madero, while waiting for the people with whom he had agreed trade in your Renault car for a sports motorcycle.

On Monday night, the young man went with his cousin Jonathan and his wife, named Yaritzi, to meet some people who had contacted via Facebook; They had agreed that he would deliver the Renault Megane car, black color, license plates of the State of Mexico, on Tonantzin Street, and there he would receive the motorcycle.

Aggressors arrived by motorcycle

The young people got out of their vehicle and waited, when a black Pulsar motorcycle in which two men were traveling passed them, but meters ahead it turned and went to the place where Kevin Uriel and his cousin were waiting to close the deal. who started on the social network.

Surprisingly, one of the subjects pulled out a gun and He shot the young man three times.

Uriel was wounded and the shots also shattered the windows of the car to be exchanged. Immediately, the crew of the motorcycle picked up speed and escaped from the site.

Mitzi S, 38, Kevin’s mother, responded to an emergency call from her nephew and found her son on the ground, dead.

The woman could only say that her son was broth delivery man in the Santa María La Ribera neighborhood and that He was unaware of the possible motives for the attack.

Experts of the Mexico City Prosecutor’s Office They went to the scene to remove the body of the young man and collect the evidence in order to initiate the investigation into the crime.

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