San Pedro Sula.

On Wednesday morning there has been an unfortunate event in San Pedro Sula. A taxi driver was killed in the Rivera Hernández sector of this city.

The victim was identified by his relatives as Ramón Gabriel López Ordóñez (26 years old), who was leaving his house when he went murdered.

Preliminarily, it is alleged that the taxi driver was killed by subjects who arrived on his motorcycle at his home and when he was leaving his home they surprised him with bullets. Then they fled in an unknown direction.

Ramón López’s car was parked in front of the house. The young man was a driver of the taxis known as VIP.

Police officers arrived at the scene to protect the crime scene and await the arrival of Forensic Medicine to proceed with the recognition and legal lifting of the crime. corpse.

It is unknown if the young taxi driver had received any type of threats or extortion charges for his work.

The confinement due to the coronavirus pandemic has not prevented the country from continuing to record violent events such as the one that occurred this morning in Rivera Hernández de San Pedro Sula.