They kill a child actor who starred in the movie “Plaza Catedral”

Fernando Xavier de Casta, the Panamanian boy who starred in the movie “Plaza Catedral” in 2019, lost his life due to the violence that is being experienced in his country. Exactly how the teenager died is unknown.

Shocked by what happened, the actress Ilse Salas, with whom he shared scenes in the film, took to social networks to honor the life of the young man, whom he defined as a very “brilliant” person, “funny” and a “tremendous” colleague.

“He was an outstanding dancer, soccer player and actor. Bright and funny, very bright and very funny. He taught me NOT to act, to dance and to understand Panamanian. And to understand many more things. He is the protagonist of ‘Plaza Catedral’, a film that he did not see, of which he would have been very proud because his work is precious. A tremendous colleague, very tough, ”Ilse began by sharing on Instagram along with several images from the filming of the film.

The actress lamented the violence that plagues the world and that unfortunately ends up claiming the lives of many children who “had to become men too soon.”

Fernando Xavier de Casta was one of the protagonists of “Plaza Catedral”, a film by the filmmaker Abner Benaim, who also shared the sad news.

The young man did not have the opportunity to see the film he made with different personalities from the world of cinema, who considered him a charismatic and intelligent person.

Director Benaim indicated that Fernando was another of the many young people who die as a result of violence in Panama, without giving more details, “we have to work as a society and as individuals so that these horrible and senseless deaths are not part of normality. ”.