They investigate the murder of a young Argentine scientist in Kansas

A young woman Argentinian scientist was killed in the city at the weekend Kansas, in USA. According to local media reports, the young woman was a Chilean investigator victims of a murder which is being investigated by the local police. After the attack, the attackers set fire to the house where the two postgraduate students were staying.

According to local chain KMBC, it’s over Camila Behrensen, 24, native of the buenos aires city, y Pablo Guzman Palma, 25, of Chilean nationality.

According to the news portal and the Twitter account of the Kansas City Police Department (KCPD), both students were found murdered last Saturday in a burned apartment, located at 4100 Oak Street, in a complex in the Midtown neighborhood.

The terrible episode was recorded around 5 on Saturday when fire crews were alerted to a fire in the apartment complex. Upon arrival at the scene, the authorities found the two young men dead. after that, the police went to the building and classified the act as “murder”.

In turn, KCPD homicide investigators have publicly requested area residents to provide security camera footage to obtain data about what happened and have offered a $25,000 reward for those who provide data that allows the those responsible are arrested.

Diplomatic sources confirmed to LA NACION that, as indicated by the consular mission, the young woman’s family is being assisted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in everything related to legal procedures. .

According to local media, the young people were in Kansas completion of a graduate degree at the Stowers Institute for Medical Research.

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We are devastated by the tragic death of two of our pre-doctoral researchers. These researchers were members of our Class of 2020 and vibrant members of our Stowers Institute community. Our deepest condolences go out to their families at this difficult time.” Instituto Stowers it is a statement.

According to the newspaper The Kansas City Star, with the double crime of the young Argentine and her Chilean life partner, the murders in this city have reached the figure of 126 events so far this year.

In 2021, homicides reached a total of 157, which is the second highest record in Kansas City history.

Pablo Guzman Palma and Camila BehrensenCourtesy of KMBC

Since last year, Camila Behrensen was doing the graduate degree in biology from the Stowers Institute. The young Argentine studied the biotechnology career at the Universidad Argentina de la Empresa (UADE), and got his degree in 2020. He was also a member of the Sí laboratory.

According to a statement from the Stowers Institute, the young woman was pursuing her postdoctoral degree and leading a research group as well as her own laboratory.

The young woman studied metabolic changes in fruit flies for two years, and then she published the research in Scientific Reports. “Behrensen’s hope was to continue his studies and focus his research on metabolism and its role in development. He dreamed of one day obtaining his postdoctoral degree and leading a research team forming his own laboratory,” the institute’s statement read, according to local media.

“Her classmates and teachers at the Institute describe her as a smart young woman who cared a lot about her work and her classmates. She was also an avid runner,” concluded the statement about the young Argentinian student.

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Meanwhile, Guzmán Palma was trained in biochemistry at the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile. According to Chilean media reports, the young man focused his first investigation on the regeneration of the spinal cord.

“His hope was to continue his studies and focus on how cells interpret and integrate various types of signals and cues during development and possibly start his own lab after he completes his Ph.D. and postdoctoral work”, they expressed from the institute, according to KMBC.

“Guzmán Palma’s classmates and faculty at the institute describe him as a gentle soul with a true passion for science and biology. They said that he liked to read, watch movies and that he loved live music,” they explained.

After the murder, neuroscientist Dasfne Lee-Liu, who was a teacher at Guzmán Palma, lamented what happened and described him “as a ‘brilliant’ student and a fantastic person.”

Likewise, the specialist asked Twitter users to share her message so that further investigations are carried out to identify the killer of the two students. Lee-Liu also called for help to speed up the steps to transfer the young man’s body to Chile.


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