Entre Ríos media published a new list of those who would own the land where the fires occur on the islands off Rosario. After the Federal Court No. 2 of Paraná turned the first offices over to seven owners of the lots where the burning that affected the wetlands since the beginning of the year and made the Rosario air unbreathable occurred, other incumbents have now appeared. Meanwhile, yesterday Rosario again suffered a sultry day due to forest fires on the islands.

The defendants so far are Rufino Pablo Baggio (Gualeguaychú), and those domiciled in the city of Rosario Enzo Federico Vignales, Raúl Alvaro Morist and Rachinsky, Esteban Ricardo Morist and Rachinsky, Julián Marcelo Luraschi, Amelia Marta Barinotto and José María Vicenti. All are accused of the alleged violation of articles 186 and 194 of the Penal Code (arson and nuisance of means of transportation), and law 24,051 on hazardous waste.

According to the newspaper El Argentino de Gualeguaychú, and reproduced different sites in the neighboring province, the new list of owners of the fields responds to individualizations made from a survey from the air by the National Fire Management Plan, with thermal readings through infrared cameras taken by planes and drones that flew over the terrain. The list shows people with domiciles in Santa Fe, Entre Ríos and the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.

The publication affirms that these are the owners of the plots where the grassland fires that harm the flora and fauna of the wetlands and the neighbors of the surrounding populations occurred, who would be notified by these hours. Some are well-known entrepreneurs, others are livestock producers, and there are also legal entities, that is, company names.

The entrerrianos are María Isabel Meichtry, from Villa Elisa; María Cristina Castiglione and Aníbal Baggio, from Gualeguaychú; Ariel Stuker from La Criolla; Amelia Barinoteo, from Victoria; and José Orlandi, from Nogoyá. The people from Rosario are: Federico Facundo Müller; Mauricio Sobrido; David Sobrido; Carlos Alberto Sidoti; Jorge Casals and Daniel Corvalán. They are followed by Hipólito Maceratesi and Diego Cuello & Stumpo & Crosetti, from the city of Santa Fe; Agustín Corbellini Guilder, from Puerto General San Martín; and the El Barrancoso Establishment, in General Lagos. Finally, there are Víctor Jarmolinski; Sofia Parera; and Ganadera Copra SA of the Federal Capital.

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The transcended indicate that the aerial registration was already elevated by the national body to the Entre Ríos authorities, who are in charge of comparing the results with satellite images that show the georeferential positioning. This allows the owners of the fields to be identified in order to assess whether they are due a fine at the provincial level. But in turn, according to the environmental news portal Era Verde, the data will also be turned to the Federal Justice, where the criminal case is processed.

Take care

Last Friday, the Federal Court of Appeals in Rosario issued precautionary measures on the burning of grasslands that are taking place on the islands. The resolution orders the city of Victoria and the province of Entre Ríos to stop the fires for the next six months. On Saturday, self-convened citizens cut the bridge across the Paraná River, fed up with the smoke that floods the city. Almost as a provocation, at the same time flames appeared in the area of ​​the wetland located in front of the urban area.

Yesterday, in the framework of another day in which several igneous foci appeared on the Entre Ríos side, with dense columns of smoke reaching Rosario and other towns located on the Santa Fe coast, Mayor Pablo Javkin showed his anger on social networks, like many Rosario people, and asked the neighboring province to take action on the matter. “Dozens of brigadistas risking their lives, hydrant planes, helicopters and ships that cost us a fortune. More than the entry of Rosario, what should prevent Entre Ríos is this. And Justice has to put those responsible in jail, ”the head of the Palace of Lions tweeted.

The local Justice ordered not to authorize fires

Last Friday, the Rosario government ordered Entre Ríos not to authorize controlled fires for the next 6 months on the islands, and the Nation to carry out a permanent system of preventive control over burning. The decision of the Federal Court of Appeals of Rosario issued precautionary measures in a case originated by an environmental collective action initiated by the lawyer Marcos Peyrano.

As Aníbal Pineda, president of the Chamber, explained to the Capital, there are two types of burning on the islands: “One is the controlled action that the province of Entre Ríos authorizes by law, administratively, and the other is directly illegal, practiced by some land holders ”, he said.

In the ruling, the Chamber suspended administratively authorized burns and imposed on the national Executive Power, through National Parks and the National Fire Management Plan, the obligation to carry out permanent and preventive control on the islands to detect burns in a formal manner. early. In addition, he declared himself incompetent on the amparo and sent the file to the Supreme Court of the Nation.

It is that the framework of action of the Rosario government is, although the worst affected are the residents of this city, very limited. Who should prevent fires is the Executive Power of Entre Ríos. And who has to condemn that crime is the Justice of that province. “Burning is a crime and the jurisdiction to intervene, make it cease and eventually condemn is Entre Ríos. The Justice of Rosario does not have jurisdiction to do so, “said the magistrate.