They hope that traffic signals will be implemented

They hope that traffic signals will be implemented


The inhabitants adjacent to the intersection of José Veloz and Carlos Zambrano streets hope that new traffic signs will be implemented, since after the paving work, these visual standards have not been placed.

At the moment, Carlos Zambrano Street is without signs.

“It has been more than a month since they did the paving work, but they have not placed any type of signage that previously helped traffic flow,” said Julio Padilla, a passerby who was in the area, who indicated that this road nomenclature is fundamental, not only for drivers to respect, but for pedestrians to know where they should move.

“Three weeks ago there was almost an accident, because a taxi driver tried to pass in the opposite lane, and it is a narrow street, but advantageously the incident did not escalate,” said Luis Palacios, a resident, who hopes that in the Road signs will be implemented in the next few weeks.

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