SABINAS, COAHUILA.- Right holders of the Mexican Social Security Institute, will request an investigation from the Family Medicine Unit number 23, after the beneficiaries who require controlled medication are not taking it because they never have it in the institute’s pharmacy.

María del Socorro Dueñas, a beneficiary of the IMSS, mentioned that the care they are receiving from Social Security is bad since she assured that in addition to not having doctors, they also do not have common medicine, much less controlled.

“It gives courage to see the elderly standing in lines so that they do not give them the medicine, we are very bad, the IMSS is providing a very bad service, lack of sensitivity on the part of the managers,” he explained.

He stressed that every 15 days the corresponding area makes a report of the missing medicine, why don’t they send a request? I don’t know what’s going on, ”he said.

She mentioned that she personally experienced the fact of going two days in a row to the Family Medicine Unit 23, for a medication that is very special, and there was none, she went a third time and the director of the institution came out to whom she told her that since He was 6 months old and they did not get the medicine.

Given that, the director approached the pharmacy window to give the instruction to give it to her.

“I do not know what is happening, so it is not true that there is a shortage, an investigation is required and the batteries are put in, what is happening in the Sabinas clinic?” stressed.

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