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In recent times, stories related to gastronomic establishments have gone viral on social networks. A recent one is the controversy related to one of the most famous chefs in the world. On this occasion, a group of tourists were outraged after having lunch in a restaurant because they were charged an exorbitant sum for a service. After the fact, they decided to share their anger on the networks and it went viral.

Tourists, from the city of San Diego, United States, vacationed on the beaches of Tijuana, Mexico and they chose to take a break to eat something. That’s why they decided to go have lunch at the restaurant Vista Bella Terrace to the Sea which is located near the Mexican beach.

The diners chose to have a complete experience and that is why they ordered some traditional dishes of Mexican food. In addition to some drinks that are popular in that country, to be able to enjoy not only the tradition of Mexico but also the landscape of the gastronomic place.

Nevertheless, they were surprised when they received the bill. When they looked carefully at each of the details of the ticket, they realized that it contained an expense that they had never been notified of and also represented a high cost for what they intended to spend.

The addition that was not announced to them was that the establishment charged 18 percent of the total bill as a “service charge”. That expense represented about $ 52 (just over 5,000 Argentine pesos). Given this, they demanded explanations about what that concept of “tip” that the restaurant had was and they only replied: “That’s how it is in Tijuana “.

After this situation that angered them, one of the tourists, named Mario Chacón, shared the experience he lived with his friends in that gastronomic place on social networks and soon after his story went viral.

The ticket that went viral on social networks for the collection of the “service charge”.

The total consumption of food plus drink is 5,575 Mexican pesos, which were joined by some 1003.50 more, what makes a total of 6578.50, which equates to about $ 346 (more than 34 thousand Argentine pesos).

This situation garnered a large number of comments on social media. Some of them defended the restaurant because they consider that on more than one occasion customers take advantage of and omit the tip. Meanwhile, other Internet users focused on the attitude of the restaurant managers of not informing the customer about the “service charge”, and that they only find out when they have to pay for what they have consumed.


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