They go bankrupt and sell everything: they auction 100,000 bottles of high-end wine and champagne 100% online and at $ 10 per bottle

The vine Black ink, formerly Vineria Barcelona, ​​wore a good pass. He had franchises throughout Rosario, a customer loyalty program with benefits and discounts, and organized tasting events and wine tasting courses.

On 2018, the employees they got up and went to the facilities to start their work day, only to find the blinds down and the shop almost completely empty. Closed surprisingly and without prior notice to your employees, who they stayed on the street and no response.

The wine bar had filed for bankruptcy, product of the fall in sales product of the retraccin econmica. Ese ao, the wine industry closed the lowest year in its history in domestic wine consumption.

According to a report Vitivincola Observatory, during 2018 only 8.91 million hectoliters had been shipped to the domestic market, below the more than 10 million annually that, traditionally, were sold in the country. However, from the mercantile union they argued that it was a habitual practice of the owner of the business.

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The Rosario Trade Employees Association (AEC) I denounced “emptying” before the Ministry of Labor. The AEC union secretary, Juan Gmez, I assure you workers found the shop closed and almost dismantled, as well as the tank mounted on the sidewalk in front.

The bankruptcy of the Tinta Negra wine cellar is processed in the court of first instance of Civil and Commercial instruction of the 2nd nomination. Justice put up for auction a batch of 100,000 bottles of alcoholic beverages that were in the warehouse so that the employees can collect the compensation that correspond to them.

In the lot that is auctioned there are bottles of wine, from different wineries and vintages, champagne and other alcoholic beverages such as liqueurs, whiskeys and coacs. Those interested can make their offer by email, to the address [email protected], until next August 9. The sale will be made to whoever achieves the best offer, exceeding the base of $ 1,050,000, it may seem like a lot but they are only $ 10 per bottle.

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