They find 20 thousand dollars in bundles of 100 when opening a safe in the warehouse where two high-ranking police chiefs ate

They find 20 thousand dollars in bundles of 100 when opening a safe in the warehouse where two high-ranking police chiefs ate

The opening of a safe in the shed raided this Friday in the framework of an investigation by police corruption will add more questions in the cause. Inside the Police Control Agency found 20 thousand dollars in new bills grouped in bundles of 100 dollars. There were also 100,000 Argentine pesos in 100-dollar bills inside..

This is added to the 535,000 pesos that appeared with the naked eye in bundles sealed with sealed bands from the Municipal Bank of Rosario. At the scene were two long-serving officers whose homes were searched even though no arrest warrant was issued against them. They are the retired chief commissioner Alejandro Franganillo, who was the provincial chief of Dangerous Drugs in 2006, and the current chief of Villa Constitución Marcelo Mendoza, who was chief of police of Rosario during 2021.

The wads of money kidnapped in the raid carried out this Friday at midnight by members of the Police Control Agency.

They order the arrest of former police officer Juan José Raffo in a case that splashes high-ranking bosses for corruption

The fierce attack on the boys occurred in front of a neighborhood kiosk.

They kill a child and injure three other boys in a violent attack in the north zone

The intervention of a locksmith made it possible to open a voluminous safe located in the shed in question, which is located in Guatemala at 2200 from Rosario and is a place with a long history in police meetings in the sphere of Dangerous Drugs. When the lock was unlocked, the wads of foreign currency appeared. The operations were requested by the prosecutor José Luis Caterina.

The cause started as a derivation of the investigation of the murder of the former barrabrava of Newell’s Nelson Chivo Saravia in October 2021. One of the hijacked phones to those accused of this crime revealed relations between two policemen who participated in the investigation of the murder of Saravia with their perpetrators to whom they passed information on the evolution of the process. These policemen were arrested last night. Called Luciano Arellano and Mauro Barúa and on Tuesday they will go to an imputed hearing for illicit association.

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>> Read more: They order the arrest of former police officer Juan José Raffo in a case involving high-ranking bosses for corruption

In this case there is also under study he former police officer Juan José Raffo, condemned to five years and eight months in prison as collaborator of the Los Monos gang, who yesterday could not be located. He was also in the crosshairs of an investigation by the federal judge of Campana, Adrián Gonzalez Charvay, who had received a complaint about the activities of the raided warehouse. The complaint alludes to the entry of narcotic drugs into Rosario.

The investigation is concentrated by the prosecutors of the Organized Crime Agency Matías Edery and Luis Schiappa Pietra, but the Drug Trafficking Procurator (Procunar) and the federal prosecutor’s office 2 of Rosario also participate. Investigators will now focus on determining whether or not the amount of money seized comes from lawful activities..

The minutes of the raids indicate that at the home of Franganillo, who was Secretary of Security for the Municipality of Granadero Baigorria, the police found a briefcase with money that contained two envelopes with 150,000 pesos in cash and 2,400 dollars. In the raided house in Mendoza, the sum of 828 thousand pesos in cash was withdrawn.

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