The famous “Weather Girl” is afraid of losing her job on a famous newscast, after some images she made for OnlyFans were revealed.

One website that boomed during the pandemic was OnlyFans, because it allowed the famous ones, like the presenter Samantha Robles, the opportunity to have another monetary entry.

However, to obtain very high profits, one tends to show more, as happened to the famous “Weather Girl “.

She presents the weather conditions in the news of Paco Zea, on Imagen Televisión, and is afraid of losing her job, since a few days ago they began to circulate on the Internet many of his photos from OnlyFans,

The images left thousands of Internet users speechless and surprised the Mexican channel. A person from the news staff spoke about it.

“I can tell is that he is doing well. He has about 1600 followers and each one charges him 8 dollars (167 pesos) a month to view his content. That is to say, a month she earns 283 thousand 733 pesos and she keeps 80% of that ”, revealed the source.

He is also a singer.

This person revealed that the bosses knew of the existence of her page on OnlyFans, and that she posted erotic and risque content.

However, with this leak, his superiors are somewhat upset.

“Although her account is not a secret, now that her photos have been viralized in networks, the bosses may not see it with good eyes, because the television station has a policy and her cast asks her to take care of the image of the channel, but she does not It matters because it takes more than 200 thousand pesos a month ”.

The famous one who earns millions

Dorismar is an Argentine celebrity who for more than 15 years has led an artistic life in Mexico, managing to win a legion of fans in Latin America.

At 46 years old, the playmate has one of the most spectacular bodies in show business, and although she recently finished the second season of Relatos Macabrones, on Televisa, she reveals that opening her account on OnlyFans has been your best decision.

“I am very happy, I can assure you that now I earn much more than when it was my best moment on television and I was appearing everywhere; I recognize that everything is thanks to my fans and I consider that the best way to thank them is to give my best ”, he told TV Notes.


So far he has earned more than 20 million pesos, and according to him, much more than what he had managed to earn in his prime.

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