They fake a security review to rob a family in the Mexiquense Exterior Circuit | Video

A family was the victim of a robbery while they were driving on the Mexiquense Exterior Circuit, by subjects dressed in black, which was documented on video.

At first, the subjects pretend that they will carry out a review to verify that there are no weapons, as part of an operation; however, the family refuses until the men fully identify themselves.

The subjects open the doors and subdue the family, while the level of aggression increases, until one of them says that they are “from an organization”, not “ministerial” and threatens to shoot them.

The Mexican prosecutor’s office reported that the events were recorded on July 22 on the Circuito Exterior Mexiquense, near Tultitlán. It reports that the victims are people who traveled from the United States to the national territory.

The corporation says it will review irregularities at the time the family filed the complaint.

In a statement, the prosecution says that the subjects and vehicle involved are not part of the institution.

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