They execute ‘Don Lucho’ after serving time for drug trafficking in the United States

Bogota Colombia

The drug dealer Luis Agustín Caicedo Velandia, ‘Don Lucho‘, was killed by three shots when they were sitting in the square of the Pablo VI neighborhood, in Bogota.

The lawyer also died in the attack Julio Enrique González and a third person identified as Didier Herman, cattle genetics manager, was shot in the left foot.

Don Lucho‘was a drug lord who fell in 2010 and was imprisoned in the United States. He had regained his freedom seven months ago.

According to the preliminary report of the police of Bogota, the hit man once fulfilled his objective, he ran away, and meters later he boarded a taxi.

Before the crime, he would have been summoned by the lawyer William Fernando Duarte Quiroga, in order to be notified to appear before the Supreme Court of Justice, to testify within the process that is being followed against the former representative to the Chamber Gustavo Hernán Puentes, whom In 2014, the Supreme Court opened a process for irregularities in the defunct National Narcotics Directorate.

The hypothesis that the authorities have up to now indicates that the crime would be a reckoning.


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