They enter a store and steal 85 thousand euros worth of sneakers. Most were left foot

Dto say that this robbery happened on the wrong foot is not only literal but a euphemism for what happened in Mexico City. Two thieves, wielding a firearm, entered a shoe store and stole two million pesos – about 85,000 euros – worth of sneakers. Only most were unmatched.

The unusual and disastrous robbery led the assailants to end up with 40 pairs of shoes and… 160 sneakers only on the left foot.

According to the authorities, the local press quotes, a mother and son entered the store last weekend to buy sneakers. The employee informed them that the store only made sales over the Internet, that space being only for showing copies.

It was at this moment that two men – one of them armed – entered the establishment and began to put all the sneakers that were on the displays inside plastic bags. They took shoes from well-known sports brands, as well as three mobile phones.

The police have already opened an investigation to find the suspects of this (nonsense) crime.

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