They detect millionaire diversion in the Banking Police for more than 100 million pesos

Alejandro Galvez/Quadratin Hidalgo

PACHUCA, Hgo., July 26, 2022.- The Hidalgo Industrial Banking Police (PIBH) is on a list of at least a dozen government agencies in which millionaire diversions committed during the current administration have come to light and that they are duly documented in a file prepared by the Secretary of the Comptroller’s Office, a copy of which is in the possession of Quadratín Hidalgo.

The document details dates, amounts, companies and names of officials involved in various irregularities due to mismanagement of resources in at least 12 dependencies -and which, according to the file- will be exhibited in the delivery reception process that started a couple of years ago. of weeks.

One of the agencies involved in the millionaire embezzlement is the Banking Industrial Police, where the deviations amount to 100 million pesos.

Since last March, the direction of the Banking Industrial Police has been headless after the incumbent Rodrigo León Cerón was dismissed from his position because, while intoxicated, he crashed and destroyed a car owned by the unit and ran over a motorcyclist who went to stop at the hospital.

According to the investigation where the anomalies detected in each of the dependencies are detailed one by one, as well as other general concepts that are also under observation, in the Banking Police, omissions were detected in the report of income for services. offered on more than one occasion, as well as falsifying invoices to verify alleged expenses.

The report also mentions irregularities in payment to suppliers and other equally serious inconsistencies.

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The file of the State Comptroller maintains that there are arguments and documentary support to verify the millionaire diversion of resources, so it will be a matter of days to start criminal proceedings.

Whoever falls: Fayad

Just a few days ago, Governor Omar Fayad Meneses made it clear that he will not overlap officials of his administration who have incurred in anomalies or diversion of resources, and assured that he would collaborate in everything so that the incoming government carries out an exhaustive review of his six-year term.

“Governor-elect Julio Menchaca can review whatever he wants, he has my full support, and if someone has committed an irregularity, he will have to pay,” said the PRI president during a meeting with the media.



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