They detect a new effect of the Delta variant that sets off alarms among young people


LONDON (AP) .- Shortly after turning a year and a half in coronavirus pandemic, the world lives a new alert for the increase in positive cases infected with the Delta variant, first detected in the India and that it is more contagious and somewhat more resistant to the vaccines developed so far. And in this context, while Israel and South Korea, for example, see how infections rise after believing that the outbreak had been controlled and the United Kingdom prepares to lift more restrictions, A group of scientists warned that the consequences in infections with this variation can be alarming and speak of the risk of developing a Covid in the long term.


This was affirmed by the British Danny Altmann, professor of immunology at Imperial College, based on evidence from several countries that suggests that a significant number of people who contract the virus are at risk of developing the disease over an extended period of time.

Known as “Long Covid” O “Persistent Covid”, And reported in some first cases in the middle of last year, those affected in this way are mostly young people who suffer from health problems derived from their positive for months.

What are the long-term symptoms of Covid?

Many patients experience fatigue, difficulty breathing, chest pains, trouble sleeping Y memory and concentration problems (called “brain fog”) for weeks and weeks.

After the secretary of health of the government of Boris Johnson, Sajid Javid, will ensure that Covid-19 infections, due to the Delta variant, could soon reach 100,000 per day, Altmann now adds that it is reasonable to expect that 10,000 or 20,000 of those daily cases develop “persistent Covid”, according to what was published by The Guardian newspaper.

It’s a nightmare for anyone to plan precisely because it is a very slippery thing to control. We don’t understand where we are going because we are in truly unexplored territory, but we know enough to understand that it seems pretty serious and pretty scary“Said the professor.

The reasons why some patients suffer from Covid with symptoms for months are still unclear. Many researchers suspect that it is a number of different conditions with a combination of underlying causes. Others understand that the virus most likely persists for that amount of time in the body and forms small reservoirs, which are what complicate health for months. And for many, these prolonged infections are due to the impact that the virus has on immune defenses.

WHO, worried

Yesterday the director general of the World Health Organization (WHO), Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, He denounced that the pronounced inequality in access to vaccines responds to “selfishness” and urged pharmaceutical companies to deliver doses to poor countries instead of trying to convince the rich to buy more. In this context, it was also on alert for the Delta variant.

After 10 weeks in which deaths from coronavirus decreased worldwide, the death rate is again increasing and this variant is “causing catastrophic waves of virus cases”, Ghebreyesus declared.

The organization’s request took place yesterday, the day the WHO confirmed the presence of the more contagious Delta variant, in “more than 140 countries”, as stated by Maria Van Kerkhove, the organization’s head of health emergencies.

Covid test.

Covid test. (EMMANUEL CROSET /)


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