The El Dique de Ensenada hospital became a hotbed in the last few hours after a complaint made by health personnel about a barbecue that would have been carried out in a barbecue area located within the hospital grounds, where, according to the whistleblowers – they would have played music, sang and even sang the Peronist march.

According to the version confirmed by professionals, this Saturday shortly before noon a group of people used the facilities of the hospital’s barbecue area where they used the grill and ate a barbecue. While in the afternoon they met in a cardiopulmonary rehabilitation room, where they “drank mates.” In this context, it was indicated that the event took place “on a schedule where patients usually take a nap.”

For what happened they accused “personnel from the logistics area of ​​the Buenos Aires Ministry of Health.” They also remarked that the attendees “did not have masks on and did not respect community distancing.” And they emphasized that “especially with this event they have not respected quarantine when health personnel today must lead by example.”

“The entire medical establishment repudiates what happened on our property, beyond the fact that the barbecue belongs to the hospital workers, whom they usurped without permission, because they asked to use the freezer and then they used it to make a barbecue, without using chinstraps, without social distancing. Then they had mate in the cardiopulmonary rehabilitation gym. They also put the Peronist march at full volume in a schedule where the patients sleep, “said a doctor in her complaint, who preferred to keep her name in reserve for fear of retaliation.

And he added that “they are people from the Ministry of Health, from the Logistics area, they came to ask for the key to use the freezer in the barbecue and they ended up doing a group barbecue.”

“The rejection here is total to this event, apart from the fact that it is illegal because we are in a context of quarantine. While the Minister of Health speaks on TV, everything comes together here without any care and even with patients with Covid-19”, said the professional.

Another doctor who contacted EL DIA expressed himself in the same line when he stated that “we understand that people walked in the area of ​​the quincho, that they ate a barbecue and sang and played music.”

The professional, who asked to reserve his identity, remarked that “this is a hospital for the chronically ill, not the acute, with which there are hospitalized people who must be cared for, so the fact that people come to do a barbecue does not help In nothing”.

“We are saying every two minutes to take care of yourself and stay at home. The example that is being given is not bad, it is lousy, because you tell the population not to do this or that because of the pandemic when this was done it is a contradiction, a nonsense “.

“From our point of view, what has happened in the hospital area has been something very regrettable. The whole group of doctors think the same,” said the doctor.