They decreed 5 days of mourning for the 100,000 deaths from Covid in the country | Chronicle

The shocking figure of 100,000 deaths from coronavirus in our country since the beginning of the pandemic, not only magnifies the devastating killing power of this virus, but also led the national government to decree five days of mourning throughout the territory.

“Declare a National Mourning throughout the territory of the Argentine Republic for a term of five days, as a result of the death of more than 100,000 people, inhabitants of our country, victims of Covid-19”, he says Decree 459/2021 published in the Official Gazette.

The rule bears the signature of the president Alberto Fernandez and the chief of staff, Santiago Cafiero. In its article 2, the decree expresses the families of the deceased persons “the deepest condolences of the national government.”

As it is in form, during the days of mourning, the National Flag will remain hoisted at half mast in all public buildings.

In the recitals of the measure, it is stated that “each of these people had a name, a life, relatives, friends, girlfriends and affections”, So what “An immense pain goes through the whole of society for each and every one of the people who were fatal victims of the pandemic.”

Likewise, it points out that Argentine society “must and wishes to remember and pay tribute to those who have left in this painful time”, So what “The best we can do as a society is that so much sorrow and grief become strength and impulse to go through the time to come united and united, advancing rapidly with the largest vaccination campaign in the history of the country.”

The decree also remarks that it is “It is essential that each inhabitant of the country be fully aware of the risk to health and life that Covid-19 implies and of the need to attend to personal and collective care.”

According to the official numbers reported on Wednesday, Argentina reached 100,250 deaths from coronavirus since the start of the pandemic and a total of 4,702,657 of notified cases.


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