They criticize Karla Díaz for selling glasses for almost two thousand pesos

Karla Diaz In his recent video that he uploaded to ‘Pinky Promise’ he shared with all his followers that he was on long tablecloths when he presented his new page ‘Pinky Shop’ where you will sell articles with the concept of your channel.

One of its star products that are for sale are its thermos with glitter, in which he serves his guests his ‘Pinky Drinks’.

Although most of the public were excited to acquire the thermos, they were in great surprise, as the cost is close to two thousand pesos, so the negative comments were immediate.

And even some haters questioned if the green party had not paid them well, because they were not going to spend that high amount for a glass.

It should be remembered that the member of ‘JNS’ was in the eye of the hurricane for promoting the Green party in an electoral ban.

So far Karla has not reacted to it.

They criticize Karla Díaz


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