They confirm the next rival of Floyd Mayweather: “I grew up with lions, I am not afraid of any human being”

Floyd Mayweather Jr. will face youtuber Rashed Belhasa, better known as Money Kicks.

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El helipuerto del hotel Burj Al Arab, in Dubai, will be the setting where the legend Floyd Mayweather Jr. He will return to the ring on February 20. His rival will be the youtuber Rashed Belhasa, better known as Money Kicks.

In an interview for Sky Sports, the influencer confirmed that he is happy because he is one step away from agreeing to the fight with him “Best boxer in history”, to whom he advanced that he is not afraid of him a bit.

“I’m taller than him, you never know. Any hit can hit it, and I have heavy hands. Mayweather is too fast. I need to be around and go crazy with him! “, dijo Money Kicks. “I grew up with lions, I am not afraid of any human being. I will never fear any human. “added.

The youtuber, who also usually boasts of his luxurious and extravagant lifestyle, explained how the negotiations to fight arose, for eight rounds, against Mayweather.

“The Mayweather Team He asked my team for a meeting. We think: ‘It is impossible for this to happen.’ On the same day of the meeting I saw Mayweather saying: “I would love to fight Rashed.” It’s serious, “said Money Kicks.

In this regard, he added: “It is an honor that you have called me. I never thought I was going to fight Floyd. He is the best boxer in history. When he was young, he collected his gorras de The Money Team”.

Mayweather Jr. He retired from professional boxing undefeated in 2017, after beating Conor McCregor, MMA fighter, In Las Vegas. Subsequently, he played two exhibition fights, the last against fellow youtuber Logan Paul.

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