The Princess Charlene of Monaco going through a difficult time, she was admitted again to be treated for problems related to ‘stress and work fatigue’. In addition, she continues to recover from the three surgeries she underwent in South Africa for an alleged ear infection. Prince Albert declared that his wife is being cared for outside the home, it is believed that, somewhere in Europe. And in the meantime, she has found comfort in an old Russian friend.


According to the foreign press, the princess of Monaco, who is away from home recovering his mental health, has been captured with the multimillonario Vladislav Doronin, while her children and husband remain in the principality.

According to the tabloids, the former athlete is going through a very difficult time, but has decided to lean on her friend Vladislav Doronin, a Russian businessman who turns out to be Naomi Campbell’s ex-boyfriend.

It is believed that Charlene y Vladislav Doronin They have known each other for more than a decade, there is a photo of them with Naomi Campbell in 2011, which was taken during the charity gala in favor of the fight against AIDS at the Cannes Film Festival.

Photo: Instagram

Naomi, 51, and the 59-year-old hotel mogul dated between 2008 and 2013, but their courtship ended much longer, as he sued her for keeping his money and belongings of around $ 3 million.

Doronin is also a controversial character, this month, he was fined for irregularities in the construction of his mansion in San Josep (Ibiza), for which he will have to pay more than one million euros and will have to tear down his house.

While Charlene recovers, Prince Albert insists in front of the media that the princess in is away from home for health reasons and not because of a marital crisis. Her little twins, Jacques and Gabriella, have sent emotional messages to their mother from the balcony of the Palace of Monaco during the live broadcast of the most important party in this principality.


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