They charged the young man who caused several crashes in a police chase

They charged the young man who caused several crashes in a police chase

The motorcyclist who starred in a chase that led to a multiple crash will be detained with preventive prison until next September 15 for having tried to bribe police personnel and for circulating and causing two road accidents aboard a stolen motorcycle with an active arrest warrant, according to the Prosecutor’s Office.

Is about Jorge Rodrigo L., of 21 yearsto whom the prosecutor Aurelio Cicerchia accused him of the crimes of concealment and active bribery in real bankruptcy and as author, and concealment in real bankruptcy with resistance to authority as author.

The Toyota fell into a ditch at Wilde Street and the criminals fled on foot.

Criminals who operated in Funes with inhibitors lost their car when fleeing

The van that was chased into a closed neighborhood in Funes.  A case was opened against his driver, a lawyer, for resisting authority, threats and bribery.

They arrest a lawyer who wanted to bribe the police after escaping a control

In other words, in addition to evading a control in Tucuman and Corrientes, escaped and caused a crash at the corner of 27 de Febrero and Buenos Aires, where the patrol car that was within reach collided with a private car and caused several injuries. He also made an agent of the motorized brigade skid in Gaboto and Alem who was in support of the collided patrol car.

That persecution ended in Ayacucho at 4000, where the defendant was detained.

Cicerchia also attributed to him having received and hidden the same motorcycle in question, which had been stolen on August 23 at Carballo and Thedy avenue.

In turn, he reviewed that since July 8 of last year, the Tucuman had received and hidden this same motorcycle knowing its dubious origin.

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It happened that it was the same motorcycle with which I dos thieves broke the rear window on the left side of a car at Balcarce and Santa Fe to take a backpack with papers, checks, cash and other personal items.

In turn, he blamed him for the fact that at the time of his arrest offered him money to the police to avoid arrest.

For all of the above, Cicerchia requested pretrial detention in order to move forward with the investigation and Judge Nicolás Foppiani accepted that request and ordered pretrial detention for the next two weeks, pending the upcoming results of ongoing measures.

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