They charged him 830 pesos for two teas and three common creoles and the debate was opened

Hot water, two bags of common tea and three Creoles: 830 pesos. That was charged on Thursday, July 28, to a Cordovan in a renowned chain of bakeries in the city. And in that sense, the debate returned to the networks Is it reasonable? It is expensive? It is cheap? What’s the price?

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The truth is that after the resignation of former Minister Martín Guzmán, the rise in the dollar and the instability in local markets caused a new general rise in prices. The last measurement of inflation in Argentina is from June and was 5.3 percent and for July, analysts already forecast a floor of 8 percent.

The specialists of the Survey of Market Expectations (REM) increased their forecast by 3.4 percentage points, and assured that inflation it will close 2022 at around 76 percent.

A note from Infobae revealed that the Argentina climbed to first place in the world in the rate of acceleration of consumer prices. The rate of general increase in prices in the Argentine economy seems not to end. These are price level data measured by the National Institute of Statistics and Censuses (INDEC) every month.

However, the lack of reference prices is what generates confusion and debate in the people. It is cheap? It is expensive? Is it reasonable for two teas and three Creoles at 830 pesos?

So far in 2022, the general rise in prices has accumulated 36.2 percent and that number is expected to grow and grow month by month.

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