They carry out drill in FIU to deal with active shootings and this is how the exercises are | Videos | Univision 23 Miami WLTV

>> the police together with themiami agencies aredoing various exercisestraining to serveactive shooting situationswithin the university campus.maía: an exercise thathas nothing to do with whatIt happened in Uvalde. prior toenter, all officers arereviewed. the weapons they useThey are fully they have explained to us, thesafety comes first. itfirst is to follow the soundsto carry the attacker. thenoise and screamspeople give clues. the process isin this order, neutralize thethreat, respond to anyvictim shot and take out thepeople through asafe corridor.they are not only trainingagents, but civilian personnel>> they have never had any typetraining to preparebefore that situation.>>explain that training themind is key.>> it is one thing the idea that onemay have in mind, butwhen you are doing it inalive is something totallydifferent.>> for four years they haveshootings. in all spacesThey have put these boxes. it’s aemergency kit . inside therea team to doturnstiles in case ofbleeding.

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