They capture the suspect of killing a girl and her uncle in Yorito, Yoro

San Pedro Sula, Cortés.

Last night he was captured Moisés David Ramírez (31), the main suspect in the murder of an uncle and his niece inside a house, an incident that occurred in the municipality of Yorito, department of Yoro.

The victims responded to the names of José Ángel Ramírez (22) and Ana Victoria Ramírez (9), who were allegedly attacked by Moisés Ramírez due to personal enmities.

Juan Sabillon, spokesperson for the National Police, reported that “this capture occurred in less than 48 hours after the event that shocked the inhabitants of Yorito last Sunday, this subject will be presented before the Public Ministry for assuming him responsible for the double homicide.”

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“There is preliminary information from the investigators that Moisés David Ramírez is directly responsible for the double crime. Apparently there was a discussion between the now arrested and one of the victims, in this case we have scientific evidence and testimonial versions that link him”, added the police spokesman in the northern zone.

The crime of the little girl and her uncle occurred Sunday night in the Las Acacias neighborhood. José Gregorio Ramírez, grandfather and father of the victims, said that at 8:30 pm that day he was at his home with his son who they nicknamed Capullo, his granddaughter and other relatives. Suddenly he heard that an individual was wanting to knock down the door of the house and shouted at his son: “Cocoon, open me!”.

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The young José Ángel got up from where he was sitting and the guy opened the door and shot him with a pistol. At that moment the girl Ana Victoria was coming and the murderer also shot her in the head on two occasions.

Then the subject finished off José Ángel, who had been wounded face down on the edge of his bed. José Gregorio said that it was difficult for him to open the door to his bedroom and when he came out the man was already fleeing through the kitchen door.


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