They capture on video alleged montachoques in Aguascalientes; smash driver’s window

circulate in social networks and video from the moment in which alleged montachoques They stop a driver of a car in Aguascalientes.

According to some reports, the events would have been recorded on highway 45 of the entity.

Conductors of a “vocho” white color They blocked the path of their victim and once they get it to stop, they get out of the car to start banging on the window.

The video shows how the two men hit both windows and one of them manages to break the one on the driver’s side.

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The alleged shock absorbers, while hitting the car, assure that it was this one who got in their way.

“I’m going to knock your teeth out”

“Get off! (…) you don’t know how to drive or what?” One of the attackers is heard saying. “Talk to the insurance”, replies the driver to which one of the alleged shock lifters responds “I’m going to knock your teeth out.”

So far there is no information about any complaint or arrest for the events.

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