They call for a “tenant” against the reform of the rental law promoted by the opposition

The organization Inquilinos Agrupados Rosario summons a mobilization called “Inquilinazo” what will be done This Wednesday, June 29 at 7:00 p.m. on the Plaza Pringles of Córdoba and Paraguay.

As announced, the call is to protest against the reform of the rental law that drives the opposition. The protest will be held simultaneously with a claim at the gates of Congress National.

The reform project promoted by the opposition blocs proposes returning to the 2-year rental contract, that the updates cease to be annual for become quarterly and that the prices of the increases are defined in agreements between parties.

“It is a pro-market and anti-tenant rights reform, made by the real estate corporation and tailored to speculation”, said Sebastián Artola, referent of Rosario Grouped Tenants and head of the National Federation of Tenants in the province of Santa Fe.

“It’s reform. most regressive since the recovery of democracywith an eye only on the profitability of the owners, without taking into account at all the reality and difficult situation that the vast majority of tenants are going through,” he added.

“Instead of discussing how to advance in terms of rights for tenants, how to regulate the initial rental price, how to put a ceiling on adjustments or what to do with idle housing, the only thing that the opposition raises is to leave all access to rent in the hands of the market”, he added.

“If approved, the result will be catastrophicwith more increases in rents, more difficulty in sustaining rent payments, leaving many tenants on the street”, said the provincial referent.

“We ask the national deputies of the province of Santa Fe who do not allow this reform to advance”, Artola concluded.

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