They buy a tablet to watch Paw Patrol: insights of dogs increase

  • A study by Atlantia Research identified that contrary to the drop in baby births, pet ownership has increased in Mexico.

  • The concept of perrhijos establishes new tasks that the consumer follows in his daily habits, such as increasing his spending on wellness products.

  • A study by the National Retail Association revealed the main leisure activities carried out by dog ​​and cat owners.

Mobility, pets and contents are the new formula in the market of dogsa segment that leaves behind the usual to scale the concept of well-being and insights that increase with a case without waste, which adds Paw Patrol and a tablet to the formula.

The segment of doggies has unleashed the figures with which it is measured in the market and with this it bets on crucial tasks before the consumer, defining tasks that have escalated before the consumer, defining relevant activities in consumption, motivated by the furry ones of the house.

There is a complete study of Atlantia Research where the performance of this segment in the market of dogsand a point is transcendental: in Mexico there is a contraction in the birth of babies in Mexican homes of 20 percent, against an increase in the adoption of a pet of 17 percent.

The role that pets play in homes reveals an interest in the care of the owners of the house for the animals, creating unique habits that manage to determine a crucial task in consumption: understand the market that has been defined.

Los insights of dogs get out of control

22 million reproductions reveal the lack of control that exists in the insights of dogs and their owners. @lolabrambi is the author of this material, where she shows how her dog anxiously awaits a tablet that arrived for repair, since she had broken it. The device was bought especially for the use of the pet and once it is under its snout, its behavior surprises, since it manipulates Youtube with its paws to choose a video, later they show it Paw Patrolwhich at the beginning keeps their attention, wagging its tail and barking excitedly at action scenes from the series.

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The story has not only uncontrolled reproductions on networks, but also the comments reacting to the video recognize the behavioral intelligence of the animalwhile others ironize that since they were little they already know how to react to this type of video, because “they already come with another chip”.

@lolabrambiI don’t think it will last long🥲♬ original sound – Nare Brambi

This anecdote is an important antecedent of how the ownership of dogs has become more dynamic in the market and the habits that are built around the furry ones in the house have increased interestfor evaluating the coexistence that is generated between these and home consumers.

The National Retail Federation for instance, estimated what are the preferred leisure activities among dog and cat owners.

In the case of dog owners, the 60 percent stated that he likes to listen to music, 57 percent do internet searches and 57 percent goes to the movies These preferences are repeated in priority among cat owners, only with percentages of 62, 60 y 55 percentrespectively.

Along with this behavior at home of the owners of dogs, Harris Poll assured what in 2020 US consumers are willing to pay up to thousand 201 dollars a year in their dogs and $687 in the case of having cats.

This willingness to spend on the household pet marks a insight on which new behaviors are being determined in the owners of dogs, because they are not only willing to buy food premium or supplements specially designed for the conditions of your pets, now, as if it were a baby that was not had as the study of Atlantia Researchtechnology such as a tablet is purchased so that the animal can interact with content designed for minors.

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