They boo and throw ice at Nodal in Bolivia, this is how the singer reacted

This weekend, Christian Nodal appeared in Bolivia as part of his “Forajido Tour”; however, his first time in the country was filled with several incidents that left a bad taste in his mouth.

One of them was the concert that he had to cancel in the city of La Paz, due to a breach of contract of which neither the singer nor his work team gave more details.

But that was not all, in another of his shows Nodal was not very well received by some of his fans who booed him and repeatedly threw ice at him, while the Sonoran was in the middle of the stage.

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The attitude of the attendees provoked the anger of the interpreter of “Botella after Bottle”, he even took the microphone to ask the security of the place to take them out and return the money they paid for the ticket.

“Take them out and pay them for their ticket, they are not throwing ice at me because I respect them and they are not respecting me… please respect me,” the singer is heard saying in several videos that are already circulating on social networks .

Despite the fact that the reaction of the fans was not the best, the incident would have occurred as a result of the delay of the famous, as several people in the public assured that the event began an hour after what was scheduled.

In addition to his controversial presentations, Nodal has once again given something to talk about because just during his stay in Bolivian lands he was again accompanied by the Argentine singer Cazzu, with whom it has been rumored that he has a love relationship, something that the couple would have confirmed recently, as they were seen holding hands and kissing on different occasions.

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